Hawai’i is widely known for many things, from the warm, sunny weather to the wonderful festivities. As a first timer in the area, overlooking some great experiences is easy because there is so much to explore. Our guide will help you plan your first adventure to Hawai’i so you can take full advantage of the experience. Keep reading to learn what every first-time visitor to Hawai’i should know.

Embrace the Culture

Hawai’i is a beautiful place ideal for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway. However, one of the best ways to enjoy your stay is by looking at it as a learning experience. Don’t worry; this learning experience is a bit more exciting than the average middle school class.

Visitors to Hawai’i will find a community with a rich culture. Visit the local museums, such as the Hulihe’e Palace or Paniolo Heritage Center, to dive into the local history of Hawai’i. Check out local festivals or farmers markets happening during your visit. Some of these activities may seem just fun to visitors, but many have deeper meanings and present the local culture to enrich your experience.

Explore Local Food

Another helpful tip that every first-time visitor to Hawai’i should know is to go out of your way to enjoy the local food. Hawai’i is home to a wide range of food trucks, many of which frequent the numerous farmers markets, that you can walk to for a quick and delicious meal. These food trucks offer seafood, local favorites, and traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Indulge in must-have local dishes such as poke and loco moco. These dishes may not sound familiar to you now, but don’t be surprised if they quickly become new favorites after you try them. When you’re in a new place like Hawai’i, visit local restaurants and food trucks to see what incredible local dishes bring the diverse community together.

Find a Local Guide

One of the best ways for first-time visitors to Hawai’i to enjoy their time is by working with a local guide. Partnering with the right guide means you have a local by your side who can take you to must-see spots while informing you about the local history and culture and explaining what you’re seeing. Our Big Island lava tube tours take visitors to stunning volcanic eruptions, delicious local bakeries, and other memorable locations. During these tours, you can talk with your guide and feel free to ask questions to learn about what’s around you, from the environment to the wildlife. There is so much to explore in Hawai’i, so don’t hesitate to book your first trip today!