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Welcome to Big Island Backroad Adventures, we specialize in guided naturalist tours on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our private and all-inclusive tours allow you to personalize the way you and your family want to explore Hawaii. We took the guess work out of what you might need on your Big Island tour experience, including meals and high-quality gear from trusted brands in all of our tours. Don’t be confined to a set schedule, or route, with a group of people that you don’t know; let us create an amazing experience catered just to you!

Ideal for families, a group of friends, wedding parties, honeymooners and more! Our guides will pick you up from anywhere on the island of Hawaii.

Holei Pali

We offer the following Big Island Hawaii Tours

We also offer tours designed for Cruise Ship Guests with limited schedules here:

We also offer tours designed for Cruise Ship Guests with limited schedules here:

The Big Island
Full Circle

An Adventure of a Lifetime in a Single Day

Guests looking at Waipio Valley Overlook, top things to do on the Big Island Hawaii

This full circle tour takes you and your group on a private adventure to some of the most spectacular and unique places on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • 12 Hours

and Fire

The Best of the Big Island – Waterfalls & Volcanoes

Erupting lava in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Experience two of our most requested destinations on the Big Island on this must do tour! Beautiful lush rainforest, towering waterfalls, and stunning active volcanoes.

  • 8-12 Hours

The Ultimate Waterfall

Iconic Swimming Holes and Waterfall Rappelling

Guest looking at Rainbow Falls, Wailuku River State Park, Hawaii Big Island Tours

Explore the lush rainforest on the east coast of the Big Island. From towering waterfalls to the rugged and beautiful Hamakua coastline, this tour is all about waterfalls!

  • 8 Hours

Volcanoes, Lava Tubes & Petroglyphs

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park In-Depth Adventure

Volcanoes National Park eruption at night.

Experience two of the world’s most active volcanoes, critically endangered wildlife and the most unique geological, biological and cultural landscapes on earth in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

  • 8-12 Hours

Meet You At Kilauea Volcano!

Start Your Adventure at Volcanoes National Park! 

Mauna Ulu lava field in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

Start in the park and learn all about the natural wonders, endemic wildlife and rich cultural history.

  • 6 Hours

High Country

Hidden, Rare and Unique –
A True Adventure 

Drone photo of Mauna Loa Observatory Road and Mauna Kea in the background, places to see in Big Island Hawaii

Explore the other worldly landscapes, unique ecosystems and endangered wildlife found only on the Big Island!

  • 8 Hours

Visiting Hawai’i on a Cruise?

If you have a limited schedule but still want to experience the best Hawai’i has to offer, we have tours for you!

We specialize in bringing Hawaii to you through our private and all-inclusive guided naturalist tours. With just your group, we can take you to all those lesser known, off the beaten path destinations around the Big Island of Hawaii. We strive to provide an intimate and ultra-luxury experience while still maintaining that rugged adventure feel. Enjoy many amenities that you won’t find with other companies, such as our top quality provided gear from trusted brands like Patagonia and Nikon ProStaff. The island of Hawaii is home to an array of landscapes, climate zones, and unique wildlife; our high-quality provided gear helps you have the best Big Island tour experience from wildlife viewing, to hiking, or stargazing! 

With our travel options and customizable add-ons, you can tour the island in a full circle, encounter waterfalls, visit volcanoes, or visit a unique and lesser-known high elevation ecosystem. We carefully craft every trip option to provide a stimulating experience. Whether you’ve come to the Big Island before or we’re welcoming you for the first time, we promise adventure that will deepen your appreciation for this special place.

Perhaps most importantly, we understand that an incredible tour begins with an incredible guide. Our private tour guides on the Big Island are top of the line educated biologists that have spent years living, researching and going to school in the Hawaiian Islands. They’ve worked all over the planet as expedition guides, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, South Pacific to Northern Europe and many places in between. They have a strong foundation in geology, botany, biology and cultural history with many diverse perspectives to share based on their extensive travel experience. When you book your personal tour with us, you can trust that your Big Island Hawaii tour guides will give you meaningful insight into everything you see.

Let us do all the work and take you on a guided adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

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